Nascente Azul was born in 2008, out of a dream of recovering a totally degraded land, once intended for cattle and fish breeding, in Bonito, MS. After 4 years of much study and hard work, it began its activities in 2012.

Today, Nascente Azul is an ecotourism complex comprised of 4 main attractions: floating, Capela Beach, Bonito River’s contemplative trail to Nascente Azul and scuba diving in Capela Lake–vouchers sold separately.

The most exuberant part of the tour is the Nascente Azul, a spring colored in the most incredible tons of blue, 7 meters deep, where the floating happens, and skin diving can also be done. There it is possible to contemplate some of the most beautiful landscapes of Bonito.

The hike to the spring is done through a suspended wooden track, almost entirely flat, which allows access and interaction with nature. This route presents several points of interest, such as the extensive tufa waterfall, the Micro Power Station and the wealth of the local flora and fauna. Native animals such as monkeys, raccoons, and a variety of birds are frequently spotted in the area. Less commonly, deers, anteaters and tapirs, too.

All vouchers provide access to Capela Beach, where there is a large lake with lots of fish. There, facilities such as beach for swimming, gazebos with lounge chairs, bathing waterfall, ecumenical space, hammocks, restaurant, bar, and changing rooms are available. There are also several activities, such as zip line, sand court, playground, and kayaking.

We have cameras for rent, but, for your best comfort, we provide photography services to record the beautiful moments of interaction with the privileged nature of our park. The Nascente Azul Team is waiting for you!

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