The Beautiful attractive top station here in Nascente Azul!

Floating in Bonito River and Contemplation of the Nascente Azul

This tour begins with the suspended wooden track, which provides accessibility and total interaction to children, people with reduced mobility as well as elderly people. It passes through the riparian forest, the long tufa waterfall, and a micro power station in operation since the 50s, which is responsible for the farm’s power supply...

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Capela Lake is the ideal setting to spend the day. The lake is formed by running water from the Bonito River’s spring. There, several species of fish can be observed, and it is also a pleasant place for bathing. A natural beach provides security for children to play in the water.

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The landscape provides the ideal opportunity for scuba diving among the shoals. The activity lasts 40 minutes up to 1 hour and no prior experience is required–not even swimming knowledge, as a trained staff monitors the tourists.

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The zip-line, found around the world, is an adventure activity for all ages. It needs no physical strength as you simply sit in a harness and slide down a 450m steel cable...

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