The zip-line, found around the world, is an adventure activity for all ages. It needs no physical strength as you simply sit in a harness and slide down a 450m steel cable. You will feel as if you are flying over the waterfalls and trees of our natural paradise. Imagine sharing this with the people you love… Here, you can! Up to 3 people can ride the zip-line at the same time.


QUICKjump refers to specialized equipment manufactured in the USA and now found at adventure complexes around the world.
Outfitted with the proper equipment, you will be attached to the QUICKjump at the top of a tower where, stepping off the ledge, you will free fall for 20 meters before landing safely on the ground.
It’s a breathtaking experience for all ages. Your only limit is the courage it takes to step out into thin air.

Rope Swing

On our rope swing, you will absolutely defy the limits of gravity.
Connected to safety equipment, you will be raised to a height of up to 12m in the air, which, thanks to the slope of the ground, seems even higher. 
Then, you’ll be let go in a thrilling, gravity-defying swinging motion. Expect both fun and intense emotions during this activity.
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